Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan: Armenia and Macron’s dictatorship are responsible for aggravating situation in South Caucasus

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has spread an application regarding the supply of offensive weapons of Armenia by France.

The statement of the Ministry of Defense says:

“The media reports on the signing between France and the Armenia of the Contract of the Caesar self-propelled artillery installations. Equipping by France Armenia by artillery installations of deadly and offensive and other types of weapons, despite the prevention of the Azerbaijani side, is another evidence provocative activities of France in the South Caucasus. “

Azerbaijan defense department notes that although the French Ministry of Defense, in its statement in October last year, assured that military equipment supplied in Armenia was of defensive nature, the equipment of Armenia as a deadly weapon, according to the current military transaction, is the next manifestation of hypocrisy of France leadership.

“Macron regime, pursuing a policy of militarization and geopolitical intrigues in the region of the South Caucasus, prevents the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and ensure the stable world in the region. The current leadership of France, which remained away from the process of normalization and regional processes due to this a kind of destructive and biased policy, cannot forgive Azerbaijan and therefore continues its subversive policy, ”the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan said.

Further, the statement emphasizes: “Armenia is a state that committed military aggression and occupation against Azerbaijan. Transferring France, which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Armenia, which has the experience of bloody military aggression, and supporting the Armenian leadership of the policy of reversalism is a manifestation of political irresponsibility opening the way to the new war.

France, being a colonial empire, historically had a rich, disgusting, experience of inciting the foci of war and conflicts in various parts of the world. The processes taking place in the New Caledonia and other overseas colonial territories, the exploitation of indigenous peoples, the plunder of their natural resources, the change in the demographic composition of these territories as a result of racist policy, the suppression of protests by the power of blood and weapons, are manifestations of the true essence of the macron regime. Instead of solving such rooted problems, which are a relic of shameful colonial heritage, and put an end to neocolonialism, France conducts dirty propaganda and misinformation campaign against Azerbaijan. “

The Ministry of Defense states that all the responsibility for the aggravation of the situation in the region of the South Caucasus and the emergence of a new focus of the war will be carried by the leadership of Armenia, which is conducting a revenge policy and the dictatorship of Macron.