Ministry of Defense of Belarus: army is able to give an adequate response to any threat

The capabilities of the Belarusian army allow you to resist the forces that will be involved in NATO exercises and demonstrate an adequate response to any threats.

This was stated by the head of the General Staff, First Deputy Minister of Defense of Belarus, Viktor Gulevich, on the air of Belarus1, commenting on the upcoming NATO exercises, the Belarusian State Media reports.

We are talking about the complex of exercises “Strong -Wrong Defender”, which is supplemented by the “defender of Europe.” So, from February to May of this year, exercises will be held under the general name “Defender”. They will unite tens of thousands of people.

As Viktor Gulevich emphasized, the scope of these teachings is very large. “There is really an exit to a higher level of the use of NATO forces and means. Naturally, our armed forces, we, first of all, control and monitor the situation both on Earth (to create groups) and in the air. For the duration of the exercises, we will increase Our intelligence opportunities in order to control what is happening in the neighboring territories, ”he said.

According to Viktor Gulevich, the exercises have not yet begun, now organizational measures, preparation of technology, its transfer to the areas of alleged exercises are underway, logistics is shared to create groups.

Gulevich said that near the Belarusian state border, the NATO Air Force groups are concentrated, and of course, such a presence affects the protection of the Belarusian state border in the airspace, increases risks and challenges.

He also commented on the country’s readiness to respond to possible threats. “The capabilities of the Armed Forces of our country allow you to resist those forces that will participate in this teaching. They will be able to demonstrate an adequate response to any threats that will come from the West,” he said.

As Viktor Gulevich noted, air forces, air defense troops are intended to stand on the protection of the air borders of Belarus.

“forces and means available to our defenders of the sky allow for aircraft that can move to the territory of our republic, and timely take adequate response measures. The combat duty system is constantly operating. If necessary, it can be increased in order to reduce it in order to reduce it. threshold values ​​and increase our capabilities for the detection of aircraft, ”he added.

According to Gulevich, a whole complex is used to find an air target in advance. “We are doing everything possible so that, indeed, the fly could not fly into the territory of the Republic of Belarus,” Gulevich emphasized.