Ministry of Defense of Belarus: high level of US military presence in Europe is sign of militarization of region

The high level of US military presence in Europe speaks of further militarization of the region.

About this, the head of the Assistant Minister of Defense of Belarus on international military cooperation Valery Revenko, according to Belarusian State.

Speaking at a briefing for representatives of the military-diplomatic corps, accredited by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, he attracted attention to processes that increase the likelihood of military conflicts among the borders of Belarus and involving the country in them.

“In particular, it is a militarization of the European continent, the expansion of US control over political processes in Europe by connecting European states with a membership or various forms of partnership with NATO,” follows from the message.

Valery Reveenko also drew attention to the suspension of the interaction of NATO members with Belarus in the military sphere.

“Evidence of the further militarization of Europe is to maintain a high level of US military presence in the region and the concentration of coalition forces on the” eastern flank “of NATO, including in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Belarus,” the representative of the department said.

For any military specialist, the rhetoric and the actions of high NATO officials and the states included in it mean nothing more than the active preparation of the armed forces, including in Belarus, he said.

Revenko said that the military formations of the Bloc posted in the East European states are actively involved in participation in operational and combat training.

“In this case, the high intensity of the conducted exercises remains with the simultaneous increase in the number of forces attracted forces and funds, including in the territory of states bordering Belarus,” he added.