Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported control of village of Victory

The Armed Forces of Russia took control of the village of Victory in the Donetsk direction. It is reported on Thursday, February 22, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The department noted that the units of the “South” group of troops also “improved the position on the front edge and defeated the formation of the 92nd assault, 79th landing, 46th Air Force Brigades in the areas of Novomikhailovka and Krasnogorovka settlements and Krasnogorovka “Donetsk region.

“The air defense equipment has been shot down during the day: converted to defeat ground targets, the anti -aircraft guided missile S -200, eight reactive shells of the HIMARS volley fire system, as well as the controlled JDAM Aviation Bomb,” is remarked in the message.

Victory settlement is located in the Pokrovsky district of the Donetsk region of Ukraine.