Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 102 UAVs over four regions

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported the destruction and interception of 102 unmanned aerial vehicles over four regions.

“Fifty -one UAVs were destroyed and intercepted by the air defense systems over the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, forty -four BPLs above the territory of the Krasnodar Territory, six UAVs above the territory of the Belgorod region and one BPP above the territory of the Kursk region,” the Russian Vedimism said. P>

In addition, the Ministry of Defense reported that during the night by sea aircraft and patrol boats of the Black Sea Fleet, six emergency boats in the Black Sea waters were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the operational headquarters of the Krasnodar Territory said that two drones tried to attack civilian infrastructure in Tuapse.

“As a result of the fall of the apparatus, a fire occurred on the territory of the refineries, special services began to extinguish. According to preliminary information, there were no injuries,” the operational state said in the Telegram channel.

Later, the operational headquarters reported that the fire was localized.

In turn, the deputy head of Novorossiysk, Alexander Yamenskov, said that during the air aircraft signal, public transport was suspended in the city.

Meanwhile, the so -called “governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev announced the repelment of a massive attack on the city.

“Experts do everything possible to completely restore the work of the Sevastopol substation after a night attack, but it will take more time – according to preliminary estimates, about a day,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to him, in connection with the current situation, it was decided to cancel classes in all schools, institutions of secondary vocational education and kindergartens.