Ministry of Digital Development of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan signed memorandum of cooperation

The Minister of Digital Development (ICR) of Kyrgyzstan Nuria Kutnaeva and the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan Baghdat Musin signed a memorandum of cooperation.

According to the press service of the MCR of the Kyrgyz Republic, the memorandum was signed during the VI digital forum Digital Almaty 2024, which was held in Almaty.

As part of the Kutnaev forum, she performed at the Govtech X panel session: digital tools for modernizing public administration “as part of the first digital forum SHOS.

“Digital Almaty is not just a forum, this is a meeting place for the leaders of the digital industry, a place where new trends and solutions are formed that determine the future of the entire industry,” the minister said.

In addition, Kutnaeva held negotiations with the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies Iran Isa Zarepur, where the issues of bilateral cooperation were discussed.

Also, meetings were held with the director of ASAN XIDMEM Azerbaijan and the head of the Digital Initiatives Fund EBR Tigran Sargsyan, and with the regional director of the International Electric Union Natalya Mochi