Ministry of Emergencies suspended activities of gas station

During the inspection of the state firefighting gas station of the liquefied gas gas station and in the workshop of gas equipment in the city of Govlar Tovuzsky district, the following flaws in the field of fire safety, which posed a direct threat to the life or health of people, the environment, property interests of the state:

– the object is not equipped with fire automation;

– power supply and electrical appliances are not installed in accordance with the requirements of the “Rules for installing electrical appliances”;

– the object is not provided with primary fire extinguishing means;

– all metal devices are not grounded to protect against lightning and static discharge;

– storage of cylinders with compressed liquefied gas does not meet the requirements of the “Rules for the device and safe operation of containers (blood vessels) working under pressure”;

– in the rooms where the cylinders with compressed gas and combustible gases were stored, there was no device of the alarm of the explosion of the concentration of the gas-air mixture

– Near equipment with increased fire hazard, safety plates are not placed;

– the operation of the facility is not agreed with the state fire service;

– the object is not safe without fail in accordance with the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic “On Compulsory Insurance”.

It was found that as a result of the continuation of the operation of the object, a fire that can occur there at any time will expand in a short time and make the tragedy inevitable.

Given the foregoing, it was decided to stop the work of the gas gas stations of liquefied gas and the gas equipment repair workshop, which was introduced to the owner of the object Shahmurad Abdiev.