Ministry of Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation proposed to exclude Taliban from list of prohibited organizations

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice of Russia reported to the president that the Taliban (recognized as a terrorist organization and prohibited in the Russian Federation) can be excluded from the list of organizations running in the country. This was stated by TASS Director of the Second Department of Asia, Med Zamir Kabulov.

According to the diplomat, the position was transferred when agreeing with other departments.

In response to the corresponding question, Kabulov emphasized that the Russian Foreign Ministry takes a positive position on this issue.

“this (the exclusion of the” Taliban “from the list of prohibited before its recognition) is mandatory. Without this, it will be premature to talk about the recognition. Therefore, this issue continues to be worked out. All considerations are reported to the highest leadership of Russia. We are waiting for the decision,” said the representative of the diplomatic mission.

According to him, the recognition of the Taliban government from the Russian Federation became much closer than at the time of their coming to power in Afghanistan in 2021.

“But there are still individual points that have to be overcome, after which the Russian leadership will make a decision,” Kabulov noted.

The diplomat also said that Moscow has no plans to hold any events or exchange congratulatory telegrams with the Taliban government in connection with the 105th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and Afghanistan. “Purely for the formal reason is the lack of official recognition,” Kabulov explained.

The UN Security Council in 2003 recognized the Taliban with a terrorist organization. In the same year, Russia included Taliban in the list of prohibited organizations.