Ministry of Health met with delegation of Asian Development Bank

The Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan met with the director of the Social Sector of the Department of Asian Development Bank (Abr) for Central and Western Asia Rieu Hiraoka.

The press service of the ministry said that the Minister of Health Teymur Musaev, having greeted guests, recalled that Azerbaijan has been working with the Asian development bank since 1999: “Relations between Azerbaijan and the Asian Bank for Development are multifaceted. In addition, our joint regional cooperation is developing By the rising “.

Touching on the issue of pandemia Covid-19, the Minister of Health expressed gratitude to the Asian Bank for Development for Technical Aid and Support to Azerbaijan in order to reduce the negative impact of a new type of coronaviral infection.

At the end of his speech, Teimur Musaev expressed hope for the further successful development of cooperation.

In turn, Rie Hiraoka noted that the successful holding in Baku in Baku of the 48th annual meeting of the Council of Asian development managers was a clear example of our partnership, built on mutual trust and respect. Having emphasized the fruitful cooperation between the Asian Bank for Development and Azerbaijan, Rie Hiraook expressed support for the reforms carried out in the healthcare system of our country.

At a meeting held in the spirit of mutual understanding, the current state of cooperation and potential opportunities for its development were discussed.