Ministry of Justice declared extradition of a fraudster from Montenegro to Azerbaijan

Under the leadership of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, decisive measures are taken to ensure stability and security, in particular to combat crime. In this matter, international cooperation is important. Effective interaction with various countries under bilateral agreements and agreements, as well as multilateral conventions, jointly with the countries of Europe and the CIS, ensuring the principle of fairness of punishment in the field of extradition and legal assistance.

The press service of the Ministry of Justice said that the Representative Office of the Ministry of Justice in the leadership of the Committee of Experts on Cooperation In the Criminal Conditions of the Council of Europe makes it possible to more effectively carry out activities in this area. In particular, an agreement was reached with foreign colleagues about the consideration of requests in electronic order to ensure efficiency in connection with the delivery of criminals in a pandemic. Extradition to Azerbaijan persons accused of abduction of people, frauds, fake official documents and other criminal acts who were in international wanted list, which were detained in Germany, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Ukraine, and others.

It should be noted that a citizen of Azerbaijan was detained in Montenegro, announced in the international search for fraud in large scale. As a result of the negotiations conducted by the Ministry of Justice, an agreement was reached on its extradition. The transit of the accused through Istanbul Airport to Azerbaijan was agreed with Turkey. On December 4, this man was delivered to Baku employees of the ministry.

In general, over the past three years, extradition has been provided to Azerbaijan more than 80 people recognized as guilty of committing crime.