Ministry of Labor of Turkey: active assistance to residents of distress zone continues

The Turkish government to this day has transferred 1 billion 851 million lires to the social assistance funds and solidarity to help citizens who suffered from the February earthquakes with epicenters in the province of Kazakhmanmarash.

This was reported by the Minister for Family and Social Services of Turkey Dereya Yanyk. According to the head of the department, after earthquakes in 18 provinces, 53 warehouses were created to provide emergency assistance to citizens.

Assistance to citizens in the disaster zone was provided by 6,810 people: the personnel of the Social Assistance and Solidarity Fund for 3 thousand 960 people, the teams for the provision of emergency social assistance in the disaster zone (ASYA), 2,850 representatives of various NGOs and volunteers, Yanyk said .

The Ministry of Family and Social Services of Turkey provided and continues to assist citizens after earthquakes, she said.

The head of the department said that 203 were created in the disaster zone, and 94 “social stores” were created beyond its borders to satisfy the pressing problems of citizens.

“After the earthquakes that called the catastrophe of the century, we tried to heal the wounds of citizens, showing extreme precautions and using all the available resources. Help to the injured areas was delivered to 26 thousand fans, 445 helicopters and 42 aircraft,” the minister said .

The transfer of assistance to citizens provided within the framework of the government plan to respond to natural disasters is included in the duties of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services, and within this framework 135 million of the “Assistance Names” were delivered to the earthquake area.

We are talking about 76 million 231 thousand 684 liters of drinking water, 3 million 464 thousand 808 blankets, 1 million 811 thousand 451 bags of coal, 3 million 495 thousand 326 food bags, 1 million 243 thousand 782 coats for adults and children, 3 million 566 thousand 158 units of underwear, 6 million 414 thousand 509 items of other winter clothes, Yanyk said.

February 6, in the south and southeast of Turkey, two earthquakes of magnitude more than seven points occurred (at 04.17 local time – 7.7 points and at 13.24 – 7.6 points).

The destructive earthquake was also felt in neighboring countries, including in Syria, Lebanon, TRK, Greek Cyprus and Iraq. The number of victims of earthquakes in Turkey exceeded 50 thousand people.