Mitsikotisis accused Putin of rising prices in Greece

For rising prices around the world and specifically in Greece, Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible, the country’s Prime Minister Kiriacosik abouthletes said, the Ant1 television channel reports.

In the framework of the interview, the journalist noted that the opposition of Greece calls the current increase in the value of the goods of the “high cost mitakis”, and asked why the government does not reduce the VAT even for some of the primary necessity.

According to Mitsikitis, the authorities will surely solve this problem. The prime minister also criticized the statement of the opposition. “No“ no “the high cost of Mitsikis”, there is the “high cost of Putin.” Because if there was a “high cost of mytopatisis”, then there would also be “high cost of macron”, “high cost of Biden”, “high cost of the Scholyts” and all other analogies, ”he said .