Moldova is interested in project of “green” Corridor of Azerbaijan-Es

Moldova is interested in the project of the supply of “green” energy from Azerbaijan to Europe and intends to support it.

This was said in an interview with Azerbaijani Trend Minister of Energy of Moldova Viktor Parlikov.

According to Parlikov, Azerbaijan showed that despite the fact that the country is rich in traditional energy resources, the “green” agenda is also gaining momentum here.

He noted that the project of laying a cable along the bottom of the Black Sea to supply “green” energy from Azerbaijan to Europe, as well as projects implemented within the country for the production of renewable energy, make it possible to create new connections in the field of energy between Europe and the Caspian region.

“It would be difficult to geographically connect Moldova to such a project. This project will be affected indirectly, through the Romanian market. We are building powerful new lines of connection to the Romanian energy system and after 5-6 years Moldova will become a full-fledged part of the European energy market. We will actually be One market with the same Romania, ”the minister said.

According to him, if this cable comes to the Romanian market, consumers in Moldova will also be able to buy the same energy.

“In this sense, it is not so important that this cable passes through Moldova, since this does not make much sense from an economic and logistics point of view, but since we are gradually integrating into the EU market, in any case we are very interested in this the project and we will support it, ”said Parlikov.

The minister also said that Moldova wants to move on to more long -term ties with Azerbaijan in the field of energy.

“with Azerbaijan, we want to move from transactional relations to more long -term ties. The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan has experience in the field of fertilizer production, one of the largest fertilizers are Romanian and Bulgarian markets, and would make sense to produce These fertilizers are somewhere closer to these markets, ”said the head of the Ministry of Energy.

Parlikov said that in Moldova they are interested in the production of fertilizers on its territory Socar or partners. “Moldova as an agricultural country itself uses these products, and is a good logistics point, where it can easily be exported to the EU and Ukraine countries,” he emphasized.