Moldova President called for assisting Ukraine

Moldova President Maya Sandu called for assisting Kyiv. By its resistance, the “Russian invasion” Ukraine protects the world in Moldova, the head of state said at a meeting with the special representative of the United States to restore the economy of Ukraine Penny Pritzker.

According to the press service of the Moldovan president, the conversation was focused on the role that the Republic of Moldova can play in the process of restoring Ukraine.

It was noted that modern and safe roads and railways on the territory of Moldova can facilitate the message between Ukraine and Romania and the rest of the European Union, stimulating regional trade and the Moldovan economy.

Moreover, it is announced that Moldova’s readiness to accept companies involved in the restoration of Ukraine in order to facilitate their access and subsequent investments in a neighboring country.

Officials also talked about how the armed conflict abroad influenced citizens and business, about improving infrastructure and attracting investment in Moldova to develop the economy and create jobs.

In all these efforts, the United States remain a reliable ally of the Republic of Moldova.

President Maya Sandu expressed gratitude for the help proposed by Chisinau to overcome energy, economic, humanitarian challenges and calls in the field of security of the last two years, as well as for consistent partnerships since the acquisition of independence.