Moldova President discussed bilateral cooperation with Prime Minister of Greece

Moldova President Maya Sandu discussed with Greece Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsikitisis bilateral cooperation.

According to the press service of the head of state, Moldova is interested in even closer cooperation with Greece in a number of regions, including in the energy sector.

“During the discussion, we agreed to do everything possible to open a direct air traffic between our capitals at the beginning of next year. I talked with Prime Minister Mitsikitis on economic cooperation and attracting Greek investments, including in the context of the reconstruction of the cities of the South of Ukraine . I mentioned the Prime Minister of Greece that our country is ready to send 56 firefighters in the coming days to help extinguish the destructive fires that Greece faced, as we did in previous years. We are in solidarity with friendly countries when necessary, ”said President.

The head of state praised the decision of the Greece authorities to open the embassy in Chisinau and invited the Prime Minister of the Mitsikitis to visit Moldova.

and the last, but no less important: I thanked the Greek partners for supporting Moldova’s entry into the EU. The discussion organized yesterday by the Prime Minister of Greece with the countries of the Western Balkans, Ukraine and our countries that strive to become EU members is, is A positive signal that we have strong friends in the European Union, who are with us. In our European journey, ”Sandu concluded.