Moldova sent new party to Ukraine to Ukraine in amount of 250 thousand euros

The Government of the Republic of Moldova sent to Ukraine a new batch of humanitarian aid totaling 5 million lei (about 250 thousand euros). On Tuesday, February 27, Moldipress reports.

Five trucks with a carrying capacity of more than 75 tons, accompanied by the General Inspectorate of Emergencies, went to a neighboring country, follows from the message.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the party includes the goods of the energy industry and medical equipment, including blood transfusion systems and disinfectants.

In addition, food in the form of canned foods necessary for people who find themselves in a difficult situation are transmitted, the department said.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs received more than 100 thousand lei for transportation costs, the money was provided from the reserve fund of the government. The government decided to provide humanitarian aid after the Foreign Ministry received a list of necessary goods from the Ukrainian authorities on November 15, 2023,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs said .

Last year, similar assistance was also provided to the neighboring state