Mongolia And Butane Are Committed To Cooperation In Direction Of Sustainable Development

Mongolia and Butane are committed to strengthening unity, mutual understanding and partnerships, overcoming general social and economic challenges and problems that both countries face, and cooperation in the direction of sustainable development.

This is the President of Mongolia Ukhnaigi Huralsukh and King of Butan Jigme Khezar Namgel Vangchuk said during an official meeting in the State Palace in Ulan Bator on Tuesday, ninth July, Montsame reports.

Ukhnaigi Huralsukh expressed confidence that the first state visit of His Majesty King of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Budan to Mongolia will give an important impetus to the further development of friendly relations between the two countries, based on the common values ​​of heritage, culture, peace and prosperity, as well as strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples .

Vangchuk, in turn, expressed sincere gratitude to the state, the government and the people of Mongolia for the warm and warm welcome, provided by the royal family and representatives of Butan.

The monarch praised the sustainable development of relations and cooperation between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2012 and the activation of political dialogue.

Having emphasized historical, religious and cultural ties between the two countries, despite their geographical remoteness, Khurelsukh and Vangchuk expressed confidence that this state visit will strengthen the successes achieved in the past and open a new page in the history of relations.

The parties also noted that Mongolia and the Kingdom of Butane, as developing countries that do not have access to the sea, should turn these shortcomings into advantages.

In addition, the heads of state agreed to support the activities of the International Research Center for developing countries that do not have access to the sea, and contribute to the development of developing developing countries that have no access to the sea.

The parties agreed that the joint statement of Mongolia and the Kingdom of Bhutan based on the results of the state visit will serve as a road map for the development of political, economic, educational, cultural, medical, scientific, agricultural, livestock, environmental, tourist sectors and citizens of the two countries, as well as will contribute to the expansion of cooperation between the two countries.

Leaders unanimously decided to use inexhaustible opportunities to expand cooperation in the field of education and culture and mutual involvement of students to a scholarship program.