Mongolian acrobata set new Guinness Record

Artist of the world famous circus Du Soleil, the performer of the plastic acrobatics of Mongolia, Sangee Oyun-Erdena, set a new Guinness record, performing the most exaggeration in her hands in triple gymnastic bend, reports Montsame.

In particular, in 30 seconds she completed 28 push -ups out of 24. The previous record was 21 times.

She noted that she was struck by the flexibility of Oyuun-Erdena. “Congratulations to both performers on the achievement of such physically complex records,” Bruce emphasized.

OUUUN-ERDENE has been engaged in the office since the age of six and has been working in the international circus “Du Soleil” (Sun Circus) for more than 20 years. Currently performs in the circus show “Alegria: in the New World” in the famous “Albert Holla” in London.