More than half of Turkey exports are carried out by sea transport

up to 57 percent of goods from Turkey in January-April 2023 was supplied abroad by sea. About this “Anadolo” reports on Wednesday with reference to the Institute of Statistics of Turkey (Tüi̇k).

So, in January-April, the volume of export of Turkey reached 80 billion 869 million dollars. Ships from Turkey exported goods in the amount of 45 billion 735 million 344 thousand dollars. Over the same period last year, this indicator amounted to 50.3 billion dollars.

The second way, most intensively involved in January-April for exporting from Turkey, was a land.

In January-April, the land from Turkey was imported products in the amount of 27 billion 65 million 135 thousand dollars. 33.5 percent of export goods were taken through the land borders.

During the specified period, the use of air routes for export intensified contrary to a partial decline in sales abroad.

In January -April, Turkey’s revenues from exports by air increased by 11.3 percent – to 7 billion 22 million 826 thousand dollars.

Deliveries of railway transport were reduced in parallel to reduce export volumes. In January-April, Turkey’s income from the supply of goods to other railway countries amounted to 794 million 828 thousand dollars. Revenues from other types of exports amounted to $ 251 million.

During the specified period, the imports of Turkey amounted to 124 billion 313 million dollars. At the same time, 63 billion 722 million of this amount falls on sea transportation.

Further, import follows through land ($ 22.8 billion), imports by air ($ 19.1 billion) and rail imports ($ 746.5 million). Other forms of transportation accounted for $ 18 billion.