Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 17

in Turkey:

Turkish Armed Forces neutralized 6 RSC terrorists in the north of Iraq

The Turkish President proposed holding a four -sided meeting on Karabakh

The Turkish President left for the United States to participate in a meeting of the UN General Assembly

Emine Erdogan met with the daughter of the fighter for the justice of Malcolm Iks

Foreign Ministry of Turkey rejected US accusations of recruiting children

The Turkish President said he proposed holding a four -sided meeting on Karabakh

In the north of Iraq, more than 30 objects of terrorists were destroyed

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine:

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported the destruction of UAVs in a number of regions

In the world:

In NATO announced in 2024 the largest exercises after the Cold War

In Libya, areas affected by floods are declared an emergency zone for a year

Saines became the winner of the qualification of the Grand Prix of Singapore Formula 1

Iran revoked the accreditation of several IAEA inspectors

RKK terrorists continue to force children and adolescents to hostilities in Syria

Italy requested EU help in connection with the influx of illegal immigrants from Africa

Great Britain will allocate an additional $ 12.5 million to help Libya and Morocco

38 aircraft with a gum of 17 countries arrived in Libya

large -scale floods in Libya: about 5 thousand buildings were damaged

In Chile, an earthquake of magnitude 5.9


In the north-west of Nigeria, 17 people were saved, taken by a gang hostage

President of Germany: the variety of Islam and more than 5 million Muslims is part of our country

Other news of the region:

Hikmet Gadzhiev: Azerbaijan expects Armenia to return to the channel of constructive negotiations

The Foreign Ministry of Tajikistan called the ambassador of Kyrgyzstan because of the statements of the head of the GKNB

Poland announced a tender for the construction of an electronic barrier on the border with Belarus

In Uzbekistan, the Challenge Samarkand festival – 2023

In Russia, the All -Russian Running Day “Cross of the Nation” is held

Foreign Minister: Azerbaijan has committed an agreement on the parallel use of roads

The President of Kazakhstan instructed to provide the necessary assistance to grain producers

The Russian Tu-160 received x-BD cruise missiles with a range of more than 6,500 km

The DPRK leader visited the Primorsky Territory

Baku reported the next shelling of territories from the Armenian side