Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on September 26

in Turkey:

The heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey and Malaysia discussed the development of cooperation

Turkish president arrived in Ankara

In Nakhchivan, an official dinner in honor of the President of Turkey

Erdogan: We expect Armenia to accept the hand of the world outstretched to her

Between Turkey and Azerbaijan, 3 agreements were signed

In Nakhchivan, negotiations ended with the President of Turkey and Azerbaijan

Sweden must fulfill its obligations to combat terrorism

In the southeast of Turkey, especially dangerous terrorists are neutralized

The situation in Karabakh:

Azerbaijan authorities sent medical supplies to help the victims in Hankendi

Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation: Pashinyan is trying to relieve himself of responsibility for the failures and shift the blame on Moscow

In the center of Yerevan, a mass protest rally began

Azerbaijan proposed organizing trips of activists from Armenians Karabakh to Baku

Aliyev: Azerbaijan completely restored his sovereignty

Armenian lobby in the United States calls for a reprisal against Pashinyan

Peskov: The Russian Federation will never agree with reproaches to peacekeepers in Karabakh

In the explosion of mines in Karabakh, 2 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were killed

In Khojaly, a meeting of representatives of the authorities of Azerbaijan and Armenian residents of Karabakh began

The Karabakh region of Azerbaijan left more than 2900 residents of Armenian nationality

Baku: Armenian militants who committed the terrorist attack in Khojavender

were detained

more than 140 activists

were detained on shares in Yerevan.

In the world:

The German Foreign Minister admitted that Berlin supplied Kyiv with non -working equipment

Prime Minister of Hungary: There is no reason to rush with the process of adopting Sweden in NATO

In Kosovo showed weapons and equipment confiscated after clashes with the Serbian group

In Stockholm set fire to the mosque

Biginen: Military cooperation of Russia and the DPRK threatens the whole world

Arab tribes continue to fight against PKK/YPG in Syria

In Italy, the “Big Boss” “Kosa Nostera” died

In Nigeria, 10 people died during the attack of the Boko Haram terrorists

Jewish fanatics continue provocations in al-Axca

Other news of the region:

The Taliban delegation went to Russia to meet in Afghanistan

Azerbaijani Shusha was declared the cultural capital of the Islamic world

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation urged the EAEU countries to combine resources

Tokaev replaced the commander in chief of the ground forces

In Azerbaijan, they extended the quarantine mode

In Dushanbe, the International Festival of Theaters of Puppet Theater will be held

In Armenia, 8 people were detained on suspicion of trying to force power and attempt on the Prime Minister

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the reflection of the attack of UAV over the annexed Crimea