Moscow refused to support Washington’s plan for nuclear disarmament

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov said that Moscow will not support Washington’s plan on nuclear disarmament. His words reports TASS.

Diplomat noted that the Russian side refuses to force other countries to participate in the system of control over nuclear weapons. “We will not join the USA’s efforts to be the provision of pressure or the belief of others to join, only because someone thinks it’s time to go to a tripartite or multilateral format,” he stressed.

The Deputy Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation added that Russia and the United States need to concentrate on bilateral cooperation without the attraction of third parties. He recalled that the former American leader Donald Trump insisted on China’s participation in the future disarmament contract, but this idea turned out to be anterproductive. According to Ryabkov, in the interests of both parties to include in the New Security Equation Great Britain and France.