“Moscow will be stronger”: Medvedev summed up results of year in Ukraine

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in an article for the National Defense magazine summed up the results of the year of the war in Ukraine, Russian media write.

“After the defeat of the fascist troops near Moscow, the Red Army turned into a decisive counterattack, into heavy and bloody battles began its way to the Great Victory. After eight decades, in February 2022 we had to fight neopharyism. As dangerous as its forerunner , to the teeth of an armed enemy, only in a new guise, ”Medvedev writes.

In his opinion, in the war in Ukraine, about fifty countries are opposed by Russia, which “want to strangle it”, but in the end Moscow will be stronger: “Once again, almost a whole empire of various enemies confront us: Ukrainian and European neo -fascists, USA, US Other Anglo -Saxons and their vassals (about fifty countries). They set themselves the goal of strangling and erase our country from the face of the Earth. It will not come out. We are stronger, and now this is also obvious. “


Russia called the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers a self -sufficient country that has no “chefs”, therefore it is useless and pointless to put pressure on it. At the same time, the country’s nuclear potential Medchev considered the restraining factor “for especially hot heads in the uniform of the NATO model.” He believes that despite the “teaching of the ukronacists”, the West has still enough sanity not to enter into a direct military confrontation with Russia.

At the same time, Medvedev noted, Kyiv continues to “drain” the operational data of NATO special services, they send mercenaries and weapons, and also support in cyberva against Russia. The “total volume of the“ targeted package ”of American military assistance to our opponents will soon reach about $ 50 billion – and this is without taking into account European“ programs, ”he added.