Most contaminated cities of world

According to the air quality index, the capital of Serbia Belgrade, along with Pakistani Lahore and Karachi, is the most polluted city in the world informs the portal.

It is noted that Belgrade, Karachi and Lahore are in the “red” zone with an ICV index of 154 units. The top ten also includes Zagreb (109) and Sarajevo (96).

According to the world’s regulations adopted, contamination rate from 151 to 200 is considered unhealthy and fraught with any person, and especially sensitive people can experience more serious problems.

Experts are noted that climate and anthropogenic factors are the main causes of environmental problems in Serbia. In winter, the amount of precipitation is significantly reduced in the region, which in the absence of permanent snow cover leads to increased air pollution. Among the possible reasons for strong air pollution is also the oversaturation of major cities of Serbia with obsolete vehicles. The average age of cars in Belgrade reaches 17 years. Another problem of the country is to receive electricity due to coal burning.