Most of all among foreigners real estate in Azerbaijan acquire citizens of Russia

In the first half of this year, foreigners acquired 986 real estate in Azerbaijan. In total, citizens of 31 countries took part in the real estate market, Turan said in the public service on property issues (HSWI) in the Ministry of Economy.

The most active in the real estate market among foreigners in Azerbaijan are citizens of Russia. They account for over 70% of real estate operations (708 objects). Next follows citizens of Georgia (94), Turkey and Ukraine (36 objects) and Kazakhstan (35).

HSVI does not disclose the appointment of real estate investment.

In 2020, real estate acquired by foreigners in Azerbaijan, probably due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, decreased twice and amounted to 1370. In the first three investors, as in 2019, in 2020, consisted of citizens of the Russian Federation, Georgia and Turkey.