Most “old stars” in Galaxy Milky Way were discovered

Researchers from the USA discovered three new stars in the Galo Galaxy Milky Way, which are considered one of the oldest stars in the universe.

According to Science Daily, researchers believe that the discovered stars formed 12-13 billion years ago and can be one of the oldest stars in the universe.

under the leadership of Professor Anna Frebel from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which includes students, studied old stars, which are believed to form after a large explosion.

The team analyzed the stars with a low content of strontium and barium, since hydrogen and helium prevailed in the early Universe, and other elements, such as strontium and barium, were present in small quantities.

They found that three stars rotate in orbits different from the rest of the stars of the Milky Way disc, and contain little strontium and barium, which is convincing evidence of their belonging to small dwarf galaxies.

The research group suggested that these dwarf galaxies are absorbed by the milky way that continues to grow and called the SASS stars, which means “Small Associated Star System”.

Researchers noted that the “ultra-wound dwarf galaxies”, which are considered one of the first galaxies formed in the Universe, is difficult to study due to their remoteness and dullness.

It is assumed that the study of SASS stars, which are at a distance of about 30 thousand light years from the Earth, can contribute to an understanding of the formation of “ultra -wound dwarf galaxies”.

Dwarf galaxies call celestial objects that arose in the process of early formation of the Universe and therefore having old stars, low density and low metals.

The study is published in the magazine “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (Mnras)”.