Most popular media of Spain: Rajabov won and raised Kasparov

The most popular Hispanic publication in the world of El PAIS devoted a note and video of the famous victory of the Azerbaijani chess player Teimura Rajabov over Harry Kasparov in 2003 in a prestigious tournament in Spanish Linares.

The material is entitled so: “Award, angry Kasparov. At 15, Rajabov won and raised the champion in Linares the victim of the figure.”

“Before becoming one of the most conservative players in the world elite of Chess, which is expressed in a lot of draws without struggle and in numerous sleeping parties, Teymur Rajabov was one of the most amazing courses in the history of Chess,” writes El Pais. ” He began to play three years, won the medals of European and world championships in different ages, including the golden European award among chess players not over 18 years old. Her Rajabov won at the age of 12. And at the age of 14, he became the second most young grandmaster in history.

At the age of 15 in Linares, Teymur won the Casparov black figures. It was a very controversial party that received a special reward as the most beautiful on the tournament, which caused the rage of the world champion.

Specialists claim that beauty is a notion of subjective, but the fact that a 15-year-old boy dared to sacrifice the figure against almost invincible Kasparov, was beautiful in itself. Some great grandmasters shared this judgment; Others rejected him, because from a scientific point of view the victim is incorrect. Today’s computers say that Kasparov would get a slight advantage if made perfect move. “

When the closure of the tournament of Kasparov – Rajabov was declared the best in the tournament, the 39-year-old Harry Kimovich passed the nerves, and he pollrew stated that he regards this choice as a public insult and humiliation.

years later, Kasparov will say: “This party, rather, speaks of my unsuccessful game. Although it is necessary to recognize that Teymur Rajabov played very enterprisingly. But at some point, the position of black was completely lost. However, this is in no way justification and attempt to bring the significance of the result, because Teymur Rajabov really played with great fiction. I always said if a high-end chess player admits a mistake, then it is largely the result of the opponent puts serious problems. “

Rajabov himself later called that party to the most memorable in his life.