Most titled football player is accused of violence

Three-time winner of the Champions League Brazilian football player Dani Alves, who was suspected of sexual violence, was detained for the duration of the investigation of the case, the press service of the Higher Court of Catalonia said in a statement.

“The judge agreed to a temporary detention without a bail in connection with the open case on suspicion of sexual violence,” the report said.

The court began investigative actions in the case of the alleged sexual violence, supposedly committed by Alves against a woman at a disco in Barcelona at the end of December 2022. The Brazilian was detained on Friday and testified before the court. The football player and his environment reject all the accusations.

Alves 39 years old, since July 2022 he plays for the Mexican club “Puama”.

He previously played for the Brazilian Baia and San Paulo, Italian Juventus, French PSG, Spanish Seville and Barcelona.

The defender is the most titled football player in history, his asset has 43 trophies. Alves became the six -time champion of Spain, the two -time champion of France, the Italian champion, won three times in the Champions League, twice in the UEFA Cup, three times in the UEFA Super Cup. As part of the Brazilian national team, he won twice the Confederations Cup (2009, 2013) and the America Cup (2007, 2019), and also became the Olympic champion (2021).