Mountain Massive Aladaglar – “Turkish Alps”

The Indgea family is organizing excursions for local and foreign tourists. They are also fond of mountaineering and climbing in the village of Chukurbag at the foot of the Aladaglar mountain massif, where they settled 21 years ago.

Recep Inde, a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering of the Technical University of Yyldyz and Zeynep Tantekin Indgea, a student of the faculty of environmental engineering of Istanbul Technical University, met in 1996 at the Yyldyz climbing club.

The couple, which connected their fates in 2000, settled in the village of Chukurbag of the city of Chamardi of the city, where she moved in 2002.

Spouses make a living by directing and instructing local and foreign climbers, whom they accept in a bungalow built in the village. Their 12-year-old daughter Pelin Indzhe is a member of the Turkish national team in sports rock climbing.

Professional climber Recep India tells AA that they make efforts to develop climbing sports in Aladalam.

noting that the region has great potential from the point of view of climbing tourism, he adds that he began to engage in this sport in the university years.

According to Indge, before moving to Aladaglar, he worked for almost 10 years in the company of printing belonging to his father. “By education, I am a mechanical engineer. Alpinism began to engage in a university club. For many years we came to rest in Aladaglar for 2-3 days. Finally, in 2002 we decided to move here. We met my future wife just once Alpinist club. She is also fond of mountaineering, ”she said.

Aladaglar is compared with Italian dolomite alps

Speaking about the difficulties of life in Istanbul, Indgea continued:

“We spent a lot of time in urban noise and car” traffic jams “, life in the city was not easy. In 1996, we began to build a house of Chukurbaga. In 2002, they finally moved here. In 2007, they opened a small local business that provided services to climbers coming from abroad. We have developed friendly relations with climbers from different countries. Guests coming from abroad often say: “If we knew about this a place earlier, we would come here many times. They compare Aladaghalr with Italian dolomites and alps. “

Aladaglar – the climbing pearl of Turkey

Professional climber and coach Zeynep Tantekin Indgee says her love of mountaineering originated in the university years and that she is delighted with Aladaghal.

Having called the Aladaglar “climbing pearls of Turkey”, Zeynep adds that they are trying to popularize this region.

“women are relatively more complicated. Therefore, the number of women engaged in mountaineering is less than men. Men dominate in this sport. This is a power sport, but quite a lot of women show interest in this difficult sport. Climbing is that species. who can be engaged at any age and the whole family. “