Moving forward on building equitable access to vaccines, WHO successfully close third Virtual cGMP Training Marathon for Vaccine

The World Health Organization’s Local Production & Assistance Unit (LPA) has delivered the third Virtual cGMP Training Marathon to more than 1100 vaccine and biopharmaceutical manufacturers and regulators from around 80 Member States since its launch on 8 November 2022. Today the LPA successfully concludes 4 weeks of intense trainings on selected topics for vaccine manufacturing.

From the 8 November to 1st December 2022, a set of virtual lectures supporting the good understanding of basic and advanced WHO good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards was delivered. The
sessions included real world examples, case studies and common GMP deficiencies found in the field, and the
possible approaches to manage or prevent them. Some of the topics presented included Facility Design, Quality Risk Management (QRM), Upstream and Downstream manufacturing processes, Technology Transfer, and Process validation. With the finalization of the third Virtual cGMP Training Marathon for Vaccine Manufacturing, 40 participants have been selected based on assistance and performance criteria to undergo a 3 days hands-on workshop on real-life case studies based on quality risk management (QRM) tools.

Participant Dr Md Akter Hossain said “Thanks presenters for a very nice and useful presentation. Thanks also the organizers for arranging such an important training for us.”

Encouraging all vaccine manufacturers and prospective vaccine manufacturers, and welcoming National Regulatory Agencies (NRAs) officials from LMICs to take the course; the Local Production & Assistance Unit‘s Training Marathon is an annual event that supports Member States and provides new capacities to people working in manufacturing and regulatory fields to strengthen their local production of safe and quality vaccines.

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