Musk’s fortune has again increased by more than $ 12 billion

Shares of Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, are growing sharply at trading on Tuesday morning, thanks to which the entrepreneur’s fortune increased by more than $ 12 billion. The corresponding data are presented on the website of the Nasdaq exchange, where securities of high-tech companies are traded, TASS reports. p>

Tesla shares have been declining since last week. A particularly sharp drop occurred on Monday, when securities fell 5.84%. The company’s capitalization fell to $ 540.4 billion, that is, more than a third less than the maximum level reached in early January, when the capitalization was almost $ 850 billion. Musk’s fortune in terms of ownership in Tesla decreased by $ 27 billion.

But in less than two hours of trading on Tuesday, the share price rose by almost 15% – from $ 563 per share to $ 645. Capitalization reached $ 608.5 billion, that is, almost $ 70 billion higher than at the close of exchanges on Monday. The upward trend continues. Musk’s fortune thus rose again by more than $ 12 billion, but he is still more than $ 10 billion behind the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.