Muslims in New York provide all possible assistance to migrants

Muslim NPOs in New York help migrants arriving on buses from a border with Mexico Texas.

The Muslim Public Center (MCC), operating in the Brooklyn district of the American metropolis, provides a shelter with migrants at its own expense.

The head of the MCC Sonia Ali told Anadol that her family also migrated to the United States from Kashmir when she was five years old.

According to her, the MCC opened its doors for migrants arriving in the United States. “We have been accepting migrants since August. People from Venezuela, Senegal, Egypt, Turkey, from different parts of the world have been finding a shelter here. We are trying to help them,” she said.

Ali, Sonia said that the MCC tried to help those in need even before the migration crisis. After the influx of illegal migrants to New York, the women’s chapel room in the organization’s office was converted for a shelter, she noted.

The head of the NGO said that 17 migrants have been living here at present, and since August the organization has adopted more than 75 migrants.

Ali said that several more Muslim organizations in New York are trying to help migrants.

According to her, the authorities of New York allocated funding for 50 religious organizations that help migrants.

Ali also noted that the time of stay of migrants in the shelter is not limited, they can live as much as necessary.