Mysterious ball flew over Canada for some time

The Chinese Meteorological probe that lost control, which was recorded on Thursday in the sky over the continental part of the United States, spent some time in the Canadian airspace.

This was announced by Global News TV channel with reference to its sources.

In addition, the Canada Foreign Ministry reported that the Chinese ambassador to Ottawa was called in connection with this situation, “which was described in the statement of the Ministry of National Defense of Canada.”

“We will continue to actively state our position for Chinese officials on several channels,” said Global News, the representative of the department Maeva Prot, but did not specify which position.

Earlier, the representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry clarified that “the balloon has arrived from China and its purpose is civilian, in particular, the probe is used for meteorological research.”

According to him, “due to a strong western wind, the balloon lost control and deviated from a given course.”

Nevertheless, the USA was called the Sunda “Spy”.