Mysterious death in Baku Activist from Belujistan

News International Bureau reports the death of 23-year-old Sakib Karim from the Pakistani Province of Belujistan, which was hiding in Azerbaijan for several years. According to the publication, Karim, who was a representative of the separatist movement, who is fighting for the Belujistan separation from Pakistan, drowned into the sea. It is noted that the body of a young man was discovered the night before.

It is noted that in Baku Karim lived alone. On the evening of July 10, the Sakiba death message was sent to his brother.

It is also reported that the other two brothers Sakib Karim, Tarik and Asim were stolen and tortured to death. Other members of this family were also killed during the hostilities in Belujistan.

Sakib Karim left Pakistan a few years ago. The News International Bureau website characterizes its death in Baku as a “conspiracy”.

A separatist movement in the Pakistani Province of Belujistan, located in the adjacent provinces of Iran and Pakistan, has been operating for many years. For the acquisition of independence for beluds, over the past decades, the revolutionary movement of Baloutche Warna, which is headed by Syrdar Akbar Khan Bugt.

It should be recalled that the armed conflict in Belugistan began back in 1948 and continues to the present. The governments of Iran and Pakistan are opposed by the Nationalists-Beluggi, who achieve the independence of the divided people. One of the largest armed groups of Beluja is the Liberation Army of Belujistan and Dzhundall.

for reference. Belujistan is a historical region on the northern coast of the Indian Ocean, located at the junction of the Middle East and the Hindustan Peninsula. It is administratively divided into provinces that are part of adjacent states: Afghanistan (Hilmain, Kandahar), Iran (Sistan and Belujistan) and Pakistan (Belujistan). The dominant religion is Islam (Hanafit Mazhab).