Mysterious death of Russian deputy: new details appeared

In the case of the mysterious death of the deputy of the Vladimir Regional Duma of Russia, the meat tycoon and multimillionaire Pavel Antov, new details appeared. They indicate that the Ants, who tragically passed away in the Indian state of Odisha, could actually be killed.

Indian media reports that during the opening of the body of Antov, the Odisha hospital was not carried out photographing, although this procedure was carried out when opening the body of a friend Antov, businessman Vladimir Bydanov, who died two days earlier. Based on the results of the autopsy, a conclusion was made that Bydanov died of a heart attack.

As previously reported, Pavel Antov went to India with his friend Vladimir Bydanov to celebrate his birthday there. On December 22, the body of Bydanov was found at the SAI International Hotel, where friends lived. Two days after that, the Ants “fell out” from the third floor of the same hotel. At first, the police said that his death could be suicide, but later suspicions intensified and an investigation group was formed for investigating the incident.

When examining the corpse, it was found that there are no wounds and traces of bruises on the body of Antov, but there are numerous damage to the internal organs and bone fractures. It is no longer possible to establish the reason for these injuries now, since the body of the deputy is cremated. The Russian embassy in Delhi allowed the cremation of the bodies of Antov and his friend in Big in a hurry, although it could organize them to send them to Russia for burial.

“We did not receive instructions from the police about Antov. At the same time, in the case of a pathologist of the body of Vladimir Bydanov, we were given specific instructions: to carry out video and preserve the visceral sample, which was done,” said the doctor of the district of Ragaada in the state of Oddish .

The criminal department of Odishi, who recently took up the investigation of this incident, admitted that the autopsy of Antov was not shot on the video. “It is not necessary to shoot every autopsy,” said the representative of the criminal department. “But in such a delicate case with the participation of a foreigner, the police should have insisted that the doctors still conduct a video in order to ensure transparency.”

The National Council of India for Human Rights appealed to the Odisha police with a request to prepare and submit a detailed report on the death of Antov and his friend, as well as the details of the investigation and the measures taken.

Recall, shortly before his death, Pavel Antov in the WhatsApp messenger called the Rocket Foetry of Kyiv, which was carried out in July this year and entailed the death of civilians, including children. Soon, however, this status was deleted by Antov. One way or another, with its death, the number of mysterious deaths of Russian oligarchs, businessmen and top managers, for the mysterious reasons for those who died since the beginning of 2022, reached 23.