Nail Asker-Zade without “Russian prince”, but with Ilon Mask: did owner of Twitter recognize her?

The Held Scottish publication published a photo of a journalist and TV presenter of Azerbaijani descent, one of the propagandists of the Kremlin Naili Asker-Zade with the new owner of the Social Network Twitter, the founder of Space X Ilon Mask. The selfie was made during the final match of the World Cup in Qatar. The 35-year-old journalist watched the game on the VIP tribunes of the stadium, at which the Argentina team beat France after the penalty series.

The publication writes that the Asker-Zade made a small propaganda gesture during the match. She turned to Ilon Mask, who at that time was the richest person in the world (later due to a sharp fall in Twitter shares, he suddenly lost this status, becoming “poorer” by $ 43 billion -red.). Asker-Zade posted photos in her accounts on social networks a few days ago. They shows how a journalist shows something with gestures.

“Mrs. Asker-Zade was accustomed to such VIP campaigns. The native of Baku climbed the career ladder in Russian newspapers and on television channels as a favorite interviewer of the oligarchs. She has access to great wealth. Asker-zade travels around the seas on a superhash and flies flies On a Bombardier aircraft worth $ 60 million, ”notes The Held.

The publication also mentions the relationship of Asker-Zade with Putin’s close friend, banker Andrei Kostin. Quote from the article:

“Mrs. Asker-USA has a” prince “, which she repeatedly wrote on Instagram. However, the personality of this person is so classified that the Russian state state regulator in 2018 blocked all the mention of him in social networks. It is believed that this is one Of the largest special operations for the introduction of censorship ever held on the Internet, and it is only aimed that the Russians do not learn about the novel by Asker-Zade with a state bank named General Andrei Kostin, who is 30 years older than his beloved. Kostin, close to Friend and the alleged “wallet” of President Vladimir Putin, headed the State Bank of VTB for 20 years. He officially receives a civil servant’s salary. In 2018, the banker fell under US sanctions, and at the beginning of 2022 he was banned from entering the UK. The same UK officially punished him His “secret” girl for misinformation. “

The British authorities said: “It is widely known” that Asker-USA is in a long relationship with Kostin. According to them, it is associated with the two structures of the Russian regime, the state television center VGTRK and VTB.

Did the new owner of Twitter before meeting with ASSKER-ZADA? Mr. Musk did not answer questions about the incident. Perhaps he to this day does not know about the personality of the girl who asked him to take a picture.

After all, despite the enormous efforts in the fight against corruption and misinformation, the names of Putin propagandists are still not household outside Russia or the former Soviet Union.