National Assembly of France rejected controversial bill on migration

The lower house of the French parliament – the National Assembly rejected the controversial bill on migration.

According to the French media, the opposition’s proposal to refuse to consider the bill in the National Assembly was adopted by 270 votes against 265.

The proposal of the Left Party of Ecologists (“Green”) was supported by the right to refuse the document by the right to Popopulists from the “National Front” Marine Le Pen.

It is noteworthy that in the vote, as a result of which five deputies from the President Emmanuel Macron did not take part from the discussion of the bill due to a difference of five votes.

– Macron did not accept the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Immediately after voting in the National Assembly, Minister of Internal Affairs Gerald Darmanen submitted a resignation statement to President Macron.

The head of state did not accept the resignation and instructed to “submit proposals in order to advance and remove this block”.

“Such a proposal for refusal in any democratic country would lead to a resignation of the government and, undoubtedly, to repeated elections,” said Jean-Luke Melanshon, the leader of one of the leading parties, “Unconquered France” (LFI).