National Bank of Ukraine retained accounting rate of 15%

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has retained the accounting rate at the level of 15 percent per annum, said the head of the regulator Andrei Pyshny.

“taking into account the balance of risks, the need to maintain exchange stability and moderate inflation in 2024, followed by its presentation in the target range, 5 percent ± 1 p. Over 2025, the NBU board decided to maintain the invariable accounting rate, as well as other percentage NBU bets, ”he said at a briefing on Thursday.

The lush added that the basic scenario of the NBU forecast, in the assumption of which is laid out to obtain a sufficient amount of international financing and reducing security risks from next year, provides for a slight reduction in the discount rate from the second half of 2024.

According to the head of the NBU, that subsequent decisions on the accounting rate will depend on the dynamics of inflation, the state of the foreign exchange market, the rhythm of the intake of international assistance, the evolution of security risks and other factors.