NATO allies conducted teachings of Dragon 24 in Poland

as part of the NATO exercises “Steadfast Defender 24” (persistent defender 24) in the Polish region of Korzhenevo, military exercises called “Dragon 24”.

According to the written statement of NATO, within the framework of the teachings of the allied country, they strengthened their capabilities to contain and defense.

Troops from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, France, Spain, Turkey, Great Britain and the USA took part in military defense exercises that took place on March 4-5 in the Polish region of Korzenevo.

as part of the exercises under the leadership of Poland, the troops crossed the Visla River.

The exercises were visited by Polish President Andrzej Duda and President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauceda.

In the exercises of Steadfast Defender 24, the largest military exercises of NATO in recent years, about 90,000 military personnel from all NATO countries, as well as Sweden.

During the Teaching 24, the allied countries conduct a number of training.