NATO calls for Russia to take troops from borders of Ukraine

“NATO encourages Russia to make an important step towards the settlement of the crisis around Ukraine and take their troops from the Ukrainian borders.” This statement spoke on Saturday, February 19, Secretary General of Alliance Jens Stoltenberg, speaking at the Munich Security Conference.

He noted that the Alliance continues to be ready for cooperation with Moscow with the help of a substantive dialogue.

“The North Atlantic Alliance continues to offer Russia a series of discussions in the Council of Russia – NATO (SRN) for control over ordinary and nuclear weapons. I want to repeat my call to Russia to conduct a series of meetings to discuss issues of reducing risks and control over ordinary and nuclear weapons.” , “said Stoltenberg, and also called on Russia to choose the path of diplomacy on crisis in Ukraine.

He stressed that maintaining security in Europe is impossible without close transatlantic cooperation.

“The current crisis demonstrates the importance of transatlantic relations for European security. Two World Wars and Cold War taught us that there are no real security in Europe without strong transatlantic ties,” said Stolterberg.