NATO expert: In winter, up to 100 thousand Russian military can die in Ukraine

Over the next three months, the Russian army may lose another 100 thousand military, which is associated with the conduct of hostilities in difficult winter conditions. This was reported by the Italian military analyst, expert on the ground forces of NATO Thomas Timer.

On his Twitter page, Tiener gives seven factors at once that will strengthen the already catastrophic losses of Russians in the war. Among them, the analyst called cold weather, frost, lack of warm clothes and poor supply of occupation Russian troops:

– the lack of winter clothes in Russian troops – death from hypothermia;

– poor logistics and lack of warm food, tea, heating technology, sleeping bags – death from hypothermia;

– the absence of shelters for Russian troops will not make it possible to hide from the elements – death from hypothermia;

– the earth has frozen and digging shelters in such conditions is very difficult. Russian troops have to sleep on earth – death from hypothermia;

– Russian troops cannot reinforce the fire. Fire is smoke attracting drones and artillery;

– Merived Earth – Artillery becomes more effective. In summer, shells burrow into the ground before exploding, there will be more fragments;

– Due to frozen earth, you can not dig trenches- death from artillery blows.

“Putin knows this and is desperately trying to suspend the war until spring, so all his lyzobes demanded from Ukraine negotiations with Russia to suspend the war. No negotiations! No operational pause! Winter will help Ukraine to free large areas of territories. Send winter clothes, artillery Ammunition and night vision devices to help defeat the Russians, ”the expert writes.

“This is the upper limit of how many Russians will die if Putin really sends all 300 thousand mobilized to Ukraine in the winter. Russian logistics cannot provide so many troops, which means 100 thousand people will not receive food, nor shelter, nor heating materials . They will die, ”he emphasized.