NATO: war in Ukraine will expand

The conflict in Ukraine will expand in the coming months and will be very intense.

Such an opinion was expressed by the Deputy Secretary General of NATO Mircea Joan, published in an interview with AgerPres.

“We see that Russia is already starting this offensive that we foresee, not yet very massive, but it is obvious, it is preparing, – he said.” And the Ukrainian side is preparing a counterattack, there is no secret, but it is obvious that in This period, in these months and after the marshy season, when the conditions are better for a large -scale collision, this conflict is expected to expand. “

“We all understand that the upcoming period will be very intense, there will be a lot of ammunition, and I think that in parallel with the need to mobilize the equipment as quickly as possible, including heavy, such as heavy tanks that Ukraine needs, we must be We are sure that there are ammunition, ”Joane emphasized.“ We must work with industry in order to produce more, to produce sufficient quantities for both Ukraine and our own needs. ”

The Deputy General Secretary of the Alliance said that after 2014, Ukraine requested the Alliance to prepare the Armed Forces “according to the logic of NATO.”

“The Minister of Defense of Canada (Anita Anand) showed us at today’s meeting (NATO Ministry of Defense in Brussels on February 14-15 – Ed.), That since 2014, Canada has prepared 35 thousand Ukrainian military.”