NATO was called to reduce tension in Kosovo

NATO calls for a decrease in tension in Kosovo, where in the last few days tension remains in connection with the establishment of police blocks in the areas of star and Zubin-stream, where mainly ethnic Serbs live.

This is stated in a statement by the official representative of NATO OAN LUNGESKU.

“We call Kosovo institutes to immediate deepalacies, and the parties to resolve the situation through dialogue,” Lungrosu said.

Lungrisu emphasized that the NATO peacekeeping contingent in Kosovo (KFOR) is in a state of increased readiness to ensure security.

KFOR, in turn, noted that they are closely monitoring the situation in the north of Kosovo and condemn all one -sided steps that can lead to an increase in tension. “Our priority task is to ensure a safe situation in accordance with the powers granted by the UN Security Council,” the statement said.

Tension in Kosovo arose after the local authorities of police blocks in Leposavich, Star and Zubin flow, where ethnic Serbs live mainly.

A clash occurred between the Kosovo Serbs and the security forces.

The Kosovo police reported that the heads of municipalities who won the local elections on April 23, appointed the security forces to protect the buildings of state institutions.