Navy of Russia and Chinese Navy worked out transfer of goods in Pacific Ocean

The ships of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy worked out the process of replenishing fuel reserves and the transfer of goods on the go as part of the third joint marine patrol of the Pacific Ocean. This is stated in the message of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“In the East Chinese Sea, a teaching was conducted to replenish the ships of the water and fuel reserves from the vessels of support, as well as the transfer of goods on the go in a traverse way,” the department said.

It is noted that the Russian large anti -submarine ship Admiral Tributs worked together with the Chinese ship of the Taikh complex supply.

The crews, following parallel courses, trained synchronization of the speed and endurance of the interval taking into account the displacement of ships, the excitement of the sea and the speed of the wind.

At the moment, a joint detachment of the ships of Russia and China has overcame more than 6,400 naval miles. During this time, the crews conducted anti -submarine exercises for rescue training at sea, and also reflected the plaque of a conditional enemy aviation. In addition, they improved the skills of ups and landing helicopters on the decks of warships. Now the Russian-Chinese detachment is in the water area of ​​the East China Sea.