Negotiations of Zelensky with Foreign Minister of Federal Republic of Foreign Ministry took place in Kyiv

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky held a meeting with Germany Foreign Minister Annalena Berobok in Kyiv.

This was reported by the office of the President of Ukraine.

“The president dwelled in detail on the urgent needs of the defense forces of Ukraine on the battlefield. Particular attention was paid to the further strengthening of Ukrainian air defense, in particular, to protect the south of Ukraine and the” grain corridor “. The president noted the importance of attracting additional assistance from partners to strengthen artillery Our defenders, in particular, thanks to a 155 mm caliber and high -range missiles, ”the message is indicated.

In addition, an exchange of views on the European integration of Ukraine and the progress reached by Kiev in the implementation of the recommendations of the European Commission regarding the status of a candidate for joining the EU.

Zelensky also noted Ukraine’s mood for close cooperation with Germany in preparation for the next international conference on the restoration of Ukraine, which will be held in Berlin in the summer of 2024.

Separately, he positively appreciated the fact that Bergok began his visit to Ukraine by visiting one of the objects of energy infrastructure in the Kyiv region. In this context, it was noted that the strengthening of the stability of the energy sphere is one of the priorities for Ukraine on the eve of the winter period.

Zelensky thanked Germany for the significant support of Ukraine, in particular military and financial.