Netanyahu “found compromise” with Putin

Israel and Russia were able to find a compromise on interests in the Middle East, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with the French media.

According to him, Israel and the Russian Federation decided to “leave each other alone” and not interfere in each other’s actions. “Initially, I told Putin:” Look, we have a choice: we can go to confrontation or can find a common language. Israel acts freely …. We do not interfere in your actions in Syria, and you leave us alone, ”he said.

Netanyahu said that Israel and Russia “found a compromise that serves the interests of Israel, and, therefore, Putin thinks that this does not threaten Russian interests.”

Speaking about Israeli’s actions in the Middle East, Netanyahu emphasized that Iran wants to create nuclear weapons to “destroy” Israel.

Netanyahu also said that he would study the possibility of supplying weapons to Ukraine taking into account national interests, emphasizing that Israel does not want confrontation with Russia and incidents with the participation of the military two countries in the airspace of Syria.