New Azat-Kamikadze drone is preparing for operation

Azat FPV (FIRST PERSON View) Upo-Kamikadze, developed in the Turkish defense industry and allowing the owner to watch the drone with his own eyes, is preparing for the service.

The Robit Teknoloji company introduced its solutions in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles at the 8th Dokhia International Exhibition and Conference on Naval Defense (Dimdex 2024).

Azat weighs about 2 kilograms (with a payload of 800 grams, can be in the air for about 20 minutes, can be controlled at a distance of 2.5 kilometers and transmitted images.

The Director of Business Development of Robit Technology Ibrahim Yigit Ozboja told AA correspondent about that the exhibition was quite intense and qualified.

noting that Turkey’s initiatives in the defense industry have won great authority and prestige in the international arena, especially in diplomacy, Ozboyaji added: “During this period of acute international competition, the Turkish defense industry took a preferred position both in terms of quality of its products and in its own in its own way technical capabilities “.

Having emphasized that the defense industry contributes to the diplomacy and development of alliances, he added: “Assessing the event within this framework, we see that Qatar occupies an important place both as a friendly, fraternal and union country, and as a strategic alliance . Exhibition in Doha is one of the most significant events, given both its location and the participants of the fair. “

– 3 different options, 2 different models

According to him, Robit Technology has been working in computer science for 16 years. Over the years, the company participated in international exhibitions to contribute to the achievement of export goals in the defense industry.

He said that he was involved in the defense industry fair in Doha after the exhibition in Riyadh and represents on it the Azab-Kamikadze and the FPV-Kamikadze Azat.

According to information at the exhibition, the company received positive reviews. Providing information about the FPV Azat drone, the agency’s interlocutor said that the 5, 7 and 9-inch Azat models are already ready for serial production.

explaining that Azat can be used both to neutralize goals and intelligence and observation, the director continued:

“We have two different models that allow the use of various ammunition. This is a FPV conperter with a control range of 2.5 kilometers and a flight duration of about 20 minutes. Changes in the nature of the fighting made FPV-throns more accessible for use. We can say that Azat in this sense stands out if we consider the conditions of use in the field. We have created a product that is able to satisfy the needs in modern conditions. “

The engineer noted that the Azat tests are completed, and in the near future the company intends to spend flights with ammunition. Ozbojeji said that at the end of these studies, they intend to present to Azat as soon as possible.