New composition of government has been announced in Greece

In Greece, a new composition of the government under the leadership of the Greece Party “New Democracy” Kiriyakos Mitsikitisa, who won in the parliamentary elections, was declared.

On June 26, Pavlos Pavlos Party Marineakis announced the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to this information, Kiriyak Mitsik abouthotes reserves the post of Prime Minister in the new government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be headed by Giorgos Gerapertritis. And the post of Minister of Defense will be occupied by the former Foreign Minister Nikos Dandias.

Giorgos Floridis was appointed to the post of Minister of Justice, and Nicky Keramoos, the Minister of Internal Affairs.

“New Democracy” won the elections in Greece, receiving 40.55% of the vote and received 158 seats out of 300 in parliament.

Opposition Siriza suffered a crushing defeat, gaining only 17.8,% and receiving only 47 places in parliament. In third place, the PASCO – 11.8% and 32 deputies, in the fourth CCA: 7.67% and 20 seats.