New Composition Of Government Has Been Approved In Mongolia

In Mongolia, the formation of the government has ended. According to Montsame, a decree on the appointment of a Cabinet of Ministers was signed by the 33rd Prime Minister of Mongolia Luvsannamrine Oyuun-Erdne.

The Government of Mongolia included 22 ministers. The first deputy prime minister and Minister of Economic Development was Luvsannyamin Gantumur.

Togmidin Dorzhkhand and Sinbuyangian Amarsaykhan are also appointed by the deputy prime minister of Mongolia.

The post of minister, manager of the Government of Mongolia, was occupied by Ny-Sobyn Uchral. Erdenabelegiyn Odbaiar became the chairman of the National Committee on Monitoring and Evaluation.

Ravzhikhyn Erdeneternburn was appointed chairman of the National Committee of the 20-Minut City, and Buyaagiin Tulga will take the chair of the chairman of the National Committee for the restoration of border crossings.

Batmunhiin Batzeces, Mongolia Minister of Foreign Affairs preserved the post. The Ministry of Finance was headed by Boldyn Zhavhlan, and the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Oyunsaykhani Alangarel.

The post of Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources in the New Cabinet of Mongolia will be occupied by Tsevagdorzhin Tuvaan, and the Minister of Defense – Sandagiin Bambatsogt.

Saldanggin Odontaa is appointed Minister of Environment and Climate Changes, and Purevsurengin Naranbayar – Minister of Education.

Luvsantzerengin Enh-Amgalan will take the chair of the Minister for Family, Labor and Social Protection, Borhousin Dalgersaykhan will head the Ministry of Transport.

Chinbatyn Nomin nominated by the Minister of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth, Zhambyn Batsuur- Minister of Urban Proceedings, Construction and Housing, Zhadambyn Enhbayar-Minister-Minor, Agriculture and Light Industry, Tsandyn Baatarhuu, Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Communications, Buttogtokhin Choilsuren – Head of the Ministry of Energy, and Togtmolyn Munhsaykhan – Head of the Ministry of Health.