New composition of Turkish parliament of 28th convocation is offered

The new composition of the Turkish parliament of the 28th convocation is in the oath on Friday, June 2.

The first meeting of the country’s highest legislative body was opened by the oldest of the deputies – the chairman of the Party of the Nationalist Movement (PND), Devlet Bakhcheli.

The deputies in order of priority read the text of the oath from the rostrum enshrined in the Constitution.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the first meeting of the parliament and watched the process of oath from the box of honored guests.

After the end of the ceremony of bringing to the oath, the temporary speaker of the Great National Assembly of Turkey, Devlet Bakhcheli, said that candidates who will be nominated for the chairman of the great National Assembly of Turkey, in accordance with Article 94 of the Constitution, must be represented within 5 days, starting with Friday, June 2, when the parliament was convened.

noting that the names of presidential candidates can be announced until 24.00 Tuesday, June 6, Bakhcheli said: “The election of the chairman of the Assembly will begin on Wednesday, June 7, at 14.00”.

Elections to the parliament of Turkey took place on May 14.

, according to their results, out of 600 seats, the Party of Justice and Development received 268 deputy mandates, the Party of “New Welfare” – 5, PND – 50, “Green Left Party” – 61, Labor Party – 5, Republican People’s Party – 169 and party and party ̇Yi̇ – 43 places.

Elections in the election amounted to 87.05 percent.

Note that the ceremony of bringing to the oath of President Erdogan is scheduled for Saturday, June 3, 2023.